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What is the difference between sprinkler square tanks and oval tanks?

There are two types of sprinkler tank trucks that are common in the market. One is a square round tank and the other is an elliptical tube tank. Many users can't tell the difference between these two tanks when they buy. Why do they have to be made into different shapes? The following telling everyone that the tank type of the sprinkler is also very particular. Everyone is choosing when purchasing a sprinkler, you should choose the corresponding model according to your actual situation.


How to choose the tank type of the sprinkler?


In actual use, the sprinkler is mainly based on water transport and sprinkling. Compared with oil, the density of water is greater, so the transfer quality under the same tank is different. The loading capacity exhibited by the vehicle is not the same for different operating environments. Let's take a look at it:


First, if it is a city sprinkler, most of which are running on a stable and low-slope road, then the volume of the sprinkler tank is relatively enlarged, and the tank type is mainly square round tank.


Second, if it is used on the construction site, the road surface is complicated, and the slope is complicated, it is generally based on safety. The oval tank sprinkler has a more even load bearing capacity, the lower plate is solid and durable, the climbing is more labor-saving, the load distribution is even, safe and reliable.


It can be seen from the above two points that the main difference between the tank type of the sprinkler is the volume and safety. Relatively speaking, the volume of the round tank is larger, and the oval tank is more solid, safe and reliable. Therefore, customers must choose according to the actual working environment when they choose.

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