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3 Units ISUZU Water Foam Powder Combined Fire Truck Ready To Delivery

【Mar 27th,2019】To Afghanistan-3 Units ISUZU GIGA Fire Truck

Water Foam Fire Truck

Fire Fighting Truck is XDR main product and win many clients all over the world. On March 27th,2019,XDR dispatched 3 units of ISUZU fire fighting truck to Afghanistan.

These three fire fight trucks used ISUZU 6X4 chassis,the main configuration as below:

Chassia No.: QL5340GXFU2SDZY

Engine: 6UZ1-TCG50, 380HP



Water Tank: 10000L

Foam Tank: 1500L

Pwder Tank: 500kgs

Fire Pump: CB10/100

Fire Monitor: PLKD80

Nitrogen Gas Bottle: 2*70L

DCP fire truck

【Front View】

Dry Powder Fire Truck

【Side View】

Water Foam Fire Truck

【Side Details View】

DCP fire truck

【Water Pump View】

Dry Powder Fire Truck

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