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How to calculate the effective volume of water sprinkler?

When purchasing a sprinkler, the customers will ask for the effective volume of the water tank to check whether the vehicle meets their requirement. Here, we will teach you how to measure the effective volume and tonnage of the tank, thus you can order sprinklers that suit you.

1. Water Sprinkler formula calculation

(1)  Measure the seal length, seal width and the tank length.

(2)  Formula calculation: effective volume=seal length*seal width*tank length.

2. Water Sprinkler weight calculation

The density of water is 1 ton / cubic meter. First, weigh the empty car with the ground pump, then weight again after filled with full water, so the water capacity is the full load weight minus empty car. And then according to volume = weight / density, you can get the effective volume.

Remark: the manufacturer can custom-make as to customer’s specific requirement.

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