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The difference between aerial platform truck and ladder truck

1.Different uses

The aerial work vehicle is mainly used to transport people to the air for power, street lamp maintenance, municipal garden trimming, and bridge road maintenance. The ladder truck is mainly used in rescue firefighting work in high-rise buildings such as cities, mines and oil fields. It is a comprehensive special equipment for rescue and transfer trapped personnel through the front work platform.


2.Arm structure is different

Aerial work vehicles can be generally divided into telescopic arms, folding arms, curved arms, etc.The working height is between 10- 28 meters.

The ladder truck adopts a hybrid arm type, Lifting and rotating by different combinations.The working height is between 30m and 70m, and there are currently products that are 101m high in foreign countries.

Summary: Both models are based on the second-class chassis, after the top-loading modification, the high-altitude operation, and can carry out special operations for manned operations, the nature of its work and the use of the environment is completely different.


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