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The difference between fire truck and fire sprinkler truck

Recently received a lot of calls from users, asking about the difference between fire trucks and fire sprinkler trucks. Due to the reason of the application purpose of the truck, and also the budget, always have doubts about the purpose and construction of those two trucks. Then we will discuss in the below dimensions:


The fire truck is square form body, use steel frame, with many storage cases based on its needs, aluminium alloy roller door, but the fire sprinkler is usually round form body, with pump setting on its rear, like fire trucks can apply for vehicle license, and vehicle purchase taxes free.


2. Configuration

Fire trucks are equipped with fire fighting equipment based on national standard(fire fight water band, fire fighting axe etc): But the fire sprinkler truck equipped with water absorption rubber tube, wrench etc.

3. Function

Fire truck choose the fire pumps based on the size of fire truck, according the fire fighting nature we have: water tank fire truck, foam tank fire truck, dry powder foam tank fire truck etc; and fire sprinkler truck is equipped with normal pressure fire pump, compared to the same fire truck, the form body is bigger, the fire monitor range is the same, and possess all functions of water tank truck.

4. Application

Fire truck can be only used as fire fighting, emergency water offering; but the fire sprinkler truck is more powerful in its application, fire fighting, watering, water offering, bug killing with many functions of one truck.

5. Price

About prices, fire truck is custom made fire trucks, is much more expensive than the weight fire sprinkler truck, even double the prices.


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