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Novel conoravirus

In 2020,China has been attached by a kind of critical pneumonia which named Novel conoravirus. it initially occurred in a group of people with pneumonia who'd been associated with a seafood and live animal market in the city of Wuhan, the disease has since spread from those who were sick to others including family members and health care staff.There are many cases at present and the disease has spread within China and also to a number of other countries.

So far,we did not know where this disease comes from but we know that it can causes coughing, fever,shortness of breath,or even kidney failure and death.This is terrible to the Chinese people also to the world.It has bring a short picnic in China. But Chinese Government takes powerful control on this issue.People in Wuhan has been isolated temporary as well as some other relative-infected cities.Though isolated,the basic demands of wuhan people has been guaranteed by the government. We believe our government,our doctors,our nurses and our people,we will definitely defeat this virus soon. We also hope our foreign customers can trust us,still keep in touch with us,do not spread rumors.  

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