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The outbreak of disaster relief to Suizhou city 8 units Isuzu water & Foam 4x2 fire truck in 20 th of February

Fire truck(also called fire fighting truck,fire engine, rescue fire truck,foam fire truck and etc) is made up of  two parts,chassis and superstructure.The superstructure is consisted of tank,pump room,storage compartment,power take off and transmission system, pipeline system and electrical system. This fire truck can be widely used in different departments such as fire brigade of public security, petrochemical idustry, factory and seaport etc. It can efficiently prevent fire spread,reducing the loss caused by fire maximumly.                 

This fire fighting trucks used ISUZU 4X2 chassis,the main configuration as below:
Chassis Model : QL1070A5KAY
Engine: 4KH1CN5HS, 130HP
Wheelbase: 3815mm
Gear Box: 5 forward and 1 reverse
Steering Wheel: Left Hand Drive
Emmission Standard: Euro V
Other:A/C, double door,oil brake system
Water Tank: 3000L
Foam Tank: 1000L
Water Pump: CB10/30,30L/S, 1.0Mpa

Fire Monitor: PL24, 24L/S

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