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To Armenia-1 unit 4x2 Forland Tow Wrecker in Jan 17th,2020

Road wrecker truck(also called tow truck,breakdown truck, recovery truck,police rescue truck and flatbed tow truck, wheel-lift wrecker etc) is used to transport motor vehicles or the vehicles that are broken down. Based on the type or size of vehicle to be towed,wreckers are usually designed into two types. One is slidebed tow truck with wheel-lift function; another one is wheel-lift units that offer a combination boom with sling.

This tow wrecker truck used Forland 4X2 chassis,the main configuration as below:

Chassis Model : BJ1061VCJEA

Engine: YC4D130-33, 130HP

Wheelbase: 3800mm

Gear Box: 6 forward and 1 reverse


Steering Wheel: Left Hand Drive

Emmission Standard: Euro III

Other:A/C, Air brake system


Flatbed Size L×W (mm): 5600×2300

Max Flatbed Carrying Weight (kg): 4000

Hydraulic Winch: 4T

Rear arm lift capacity : 1.8ton

Rear arm extension length (mm):1300

【photos view】

Left front view of forland tow truck

Right front view of forland tow truck

Left side view of forland tow truck

Rear right side view of forland tow truck

Details for the flatbed of forland tow truck

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