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Competitive price Chinese fire spinkler

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  • Product Manual:1.Common, middle and high level fire fighting truck products for different countries and regions; 2.Dongfeng, ISUZU, HOWO,JAC,JMC,FOTON chassis for option to meet different requests; 3.Different c
Competitive price Chinese fire spinkler
General Vehicle Brand XDR
Chassis Brand  Dongfeng 
Overall Dimension 8100x2500x3300mm
GVW/Curb Weight 14800/7300kg
Front/rear track 1940/1860mm
Approach/departure angle 20/12 (°)
Front/rear suspension 1032/1518
Leaf spring 8/10+8
Cab Cab Seat 2 seats
Air Conditioner optional
Chassis Drive Type 4x2
Transmission Manual
Wheelbase 4500
Tyre Specification 10.00-20
Tyre No. 6+1
Max Speed 90km/h
Paint Red or as request
Engine Fuel Type diesel
Engie Model B190 33
Engine Brand  Dongfeng 
Power 140kw/190hp
Displacement 5900cc
Emmission Standard Euro 3
Superstructure front and rear cupboard room, top mounted fire monitor,rear folding ladder, top  mounted alarm and siren
Others Capacity                                                                                                                                     10000 liters/10Tons/10m3
Water flow                                                                                                                                                   20L/S
Pump PS20
Pressure 1.0Mpa
Fire distance 50m
water suction time ≤50s
water suction depth ≤7 m
washing wideth  14 m
Optional Colour for optional, LHD and RHD for optional,Air conditioner for optional

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