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Sewer Cleaning Truck

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  • Product Manual:Sewer Cleaning Truck Brand XDR Product origin Hubei, China Delivery time Within 20 working days Supply capacity 200 units/month 1.Common, middle and high level sewage suction truck

Vacuum sewage suction truck is also called as sewer cleaning truck,sewer jetter, sewer flushing truck, high pressure water jetting truck, high pressure cleaning truck,high pressure water truck,sewer cleaner truck and etc., mainly used for pumping feces, waste water, sewage, dirty mud and mixed with small floating debris liquid, suitable for town sanitation, municipal, agriculture, industrial enterprises, residential property, etc. It have many good features:self-priming, self-discharging, high efficiency.


We can provide you many kinds of vacuum sewage suction tanker truck according to your requests.  

  • Tank volume/material: 2000L-20000L/5mm stainless steel or carbon steel.

  • High quality vacuum pump, vertical suction lift.

  • Fecal suction truck can add sprinkler function according to customer's requirements.

Dongfeng Furuika high pressure cleaning and sewage suction truck
General Vehicle Brand XDR
Chassis Brand  Dongfeng
Overall Dimension 5995×2090×2660
GVW/Curb Weight  4495 /  2930 
Cab Cab Seat 2
Air Conditioner included
Engine Fuel Type diesel
Engie Model CY4100Q
Engine Brand  Chaochai
Power 82hp
Displacement 3707
Emmission Standard Euro Ⅲ
Chassis Drive Type 4x2
Transmission 5 forward, 1 reverse
Wheelbase 3300
Tyre Specification 7.00R16
Tyre No. 6+1
Max Speed 99
Paint as customer requirement
Superstructure tank tank material Carbon steel
Thickness(mm) 5
Volume(cbm) water: 1.7cbm, sewage: 3.7cbm
equipment high pressure pump, sandwich PTO, 60m Φ19 reel hose, 10 units high pressure nozzles, Yifeng sewage suction pump, water oil seperator, anti-overflow valve, sewage window, a self-flowing port, a 6m suction pipe.
Optional 1. Overfill alarm device: 180USD;
2. Yifeng or Weiye double pump: 455USD; Weilong 68/7000 vacuum pump single pump: 150USD (double pump add 530USD); Weilong 45/400 single pump: 605USD (double pump add 1440USD) ;  Weilong 68/400 single pump: 909USD.

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